Risk managers, this is what you should be looking at in today’s challenge, a proven simplified risk management system combined with BCM and ethics and compliance E-Learning, all under a single platform from a long-established renowned solution provider that incorporates global industry best practices and AI tools.

This will really make you shine as an effective forward looking risk practitioner. Also helps improve the ROI.

The pandemic has shifted all eyes to business continuity (BC) professionals and executives are looking for answers. To show the strength of your BC program’s plans and response, practitioners need automated and integrated workflows, plans, communications and reporting that can scale globally.

In the BCM Trends & Survey that SAI Global conducted in January and February 2020 – just before the pandemic broke out – more than half of BC professionals surveyed stated they didn’t use BCM software to execute their programs. The lack of efficiency inherent with manual spreadsheets was the main driving force for 40% of respondents adopting software solutions; with one-third stating that a “configurable” solution is the most important, closely followed by an intuitive interface.

By combining business continuity risk identification and mitigation with recovery planning and management within SAI360’s integrated risk management platform, organizations can rely on a single source of data, aligned processes and streamlined communications that result in more efficient programs that will garner executive support.