The latest release of SAI360’s EHS and Operational Risk bolsters our single, integrated platform and mobile app with a range of enhancements like vaccination tracking for improving Health, Safety, and Operational Risk in the workplace. 

Mobile access to critical information with Location-Aware and QR Code support

The newly introduced Location-Aware feature on our mobile application, Roam, simplifies access to critical information based on a user’s GPS location. With a single tap, users can view nearby location information such as incidents, hazards, chemicals and assets.

Users can also scan any QR codes attached to equipment, chemicals and more to access all related information and documentation instantly.

Making it easy for workers to get the information they need when they need it, reduces information overload and ensures workers can complete tasks safely.

The latest release offers the automatic population of Similar Exposure Groups (SEGS) based on multiple criteria such as roles, business units, locations and other specific identifiers such as age and gender.

Health Test requirements, including frequency, and vaccination tracking can be defined for the SEGS.

  • Once set up, the system automatically determines the necessary health tests and vaccinations for a person.
  • Vaccinations allow you to track the number of shots required, the time between shots and boosters. 
  • Notifications and reminders of the necessary health tests and vaccinations are sent at the right time, so nothing gets missed. 
  • All results are confidentially stored in the system for a complete view of a person’s health tests and vaccination history. 


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