Use Cases

Healthcare GRC - Use Cases for Healthcare

Implemented an integrated Enterprise Risk Management System for a national heart institute. Started with Risk, Audit and KPI modules by the Audit, Risk & Compliance. Followed by Incident module from Quality Management Department.

Integrated ERM System

Country : MALAYSIA
Total Employees : 2,000
Modules: Risk, Audit, Incident, KPI

Deployed a cluster solution for a group of 4 hospitals and a network of clinics. A comprehensive incident reporting system covering clinical, non-clinical and workplace incidents. Audit module is designed to meet JCI requirements.

e-HOR & e-Audit

Total Employees: 5,000
Modules: Incident, Audit

An integrated Quality, Safety & Risk Management System with harmonized workflow for a cluster of hospitals and other healthcare settings. Mortality & Morbidity (M&M) and Clinical Quality Review (CQR) are custom modules.

Cluster QSR System

Total Employees: 19,000
Modules: Incident, M&M, CQR, ERM & CSA

An integrated Quality, Safety & Risk Management solution deployed in phases for a cluster of hospitals, specialist centres and polyclinics. Project scope includes system interfaces and data migration.

Cluster QSR System

Total Employees: 14,000
Modules: Incident, M&M, CQR, ERM & CPA

Implemented a cluster solution comprising of Internal Audi, Inspection and Service Quality Feedback modules configured for hospital settings. Feedback module automates workflows for complaints and suggestions.

e-Audit & e-Feedback System

Total Employees: 12,000
Modules: Audit, Inspection & Feedback

SAI360 EHS for Power Utilities, Investment Holdings and Mining

Implemented a Safety and Risk Information System for a national power utilities company. Solution is deployed to the entire group operations – Generation, Transmission, Distribution & Corporate Services.

Safety & Risk Information System

Industry: Power Utilities
Total Employees: 34,000
Modules: Incident, Hazard, Risk

Implemented an integrated Risk Management System for enterprise risk management & incident reporting. Subsequently added workflows for Compliance Risk Assessment & Corruption Risk Management.

Risk Management System

Industry: Investment Holdings
Total Employees : 1,700
Modules: Incident, Risk

A comprehensive Environment Management System (EMS) comprising of 8 modules to be implemented in 2 phases. Extensive system and data integration with an on-premise deployment.

Integrated Environment Management System

Industry: Mining
Total Employees: 9,000
Modules: Aspects & Impacts, Emission, Sustainability Metrics (Phase 1); Audit, Emergency Response, Training & Competency, Business Planning, Quick Response (Phase 2)