QUASR - Turning Incident Reporting into Improvements


Highlights of QUASR Platform Capabilities

Built for Healthcare Settings

Ready to Use Software


Mobile Friendly

Industry Best Practices

Key Modules of QUASR

digital rca
reports and analytics
Incident Manager
Action Manager
Digitized RCA
Reports & Analytics
  • Quick and easy to report
  • Ease of Review
  • Automated process
  • Incident flagging
  • Protect identity
  • Notifications & reminders
  • Assign and track actions
  • Corrective and preventive action
  • Monitor by dept, incident or overdue
  • Create limitless 5 whys
  • Ishikawa diagrams made easy
  • Single RCA for multiple incidents
  • Multiple incidents (MIRCA) RCA
  • User Management
  • Role Management
  • Lookup Management
  • Configuration Tool
  • Statistics and Trends
  • Interactive and Drill down dashboards
  • Preformatted PDF reports
  • Actionable insights

A Platform for Incident Reporting and Improvements

QUASR makes it easy for users to report incidents and for quality and risk managers to conduct investigations and assign corrective actions. Real-time incident and risk statistics and insightful dashboards enable better decision making by the management. QUASR is a collaborative and learning platform too.

Key Features of QUASR Platform

Group & Hospital Performance Dashboards

Accessible via any device anywhere

Fully Automated Workflow

Risk Assessment & Investigation

Admin Tool - Self Configurable

Digital RCA Tools

More Features
Upload pictures, videos, documents
Detailed logs of every action/event
Follow-up and corrective actions
Limit access for sensitive cases
Security Access Control
Protection of identity
Automated & on-demand email alerts
Chronological notes and discussions
Security Features

Application hosted on AWS Singapore


Served over HTTPS/SSL data is always encrypted in transit.


Data encrypted at rest with state-of-the-art encryption algorithms.


Encryption keys are accessible only within AWS. These API are restricted to the user/role requesting the key and is heavily restricted to meet the sole purpose.


The AWS console is protected over 2FA authentication. We do not use SMS based 2FA. and use an authenticator app to generate 2F tokens.


The only user that access data on-need basis is our Chief technical architect and is also our PDPC officer.

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