Case Study

Case Study


SAI360 GRC for Retail Industry

About the Client

A prominent Retail Services and AGRO commodity company in the UAE region opted for the implementation of the SAI360 GRC platform to modernize and consolidate its Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) operations. The primary goal of adopting the SAI360 GRC platform was to streamline and unify the diverse modules encompassing Risk Management, Control Testing, Issue & Action Plan Management, Third-Party Risk Management, and Contract Management Processes. This involved the transition from disparate systems, spreadsheets, and email tools to a single, integrated source for enhanced operational efficiency.

The Problem
  • Fragmented Risk Management processes operating on various outdated platforms, emails, and Excel sheets.
  • Absence of automation in control testing leads to challenges such as friction, compromised data quality, and inefficiency.
  • Inadequate visibility into the organization’s overall risk posture on an enterprise-wide scale.
  • Numerous gaps in reconciling results from Risk Assessment and Control Testing, adversely affecting risk remediation and exceptions.
  • The need for centralization of multiple vendors, including SAP and Oracle, for effective Third-Party Risk Management and Contract Management processes.
The Solutions
  • Conducted numerous workshops involving diverse stakeholders to formulate a comprehensive Business Requirement Document, serving as a strategic blueprint for the forthcoming implementation phase.
  • Successfully deployed the SAI360 GRC on the Bwise platform to provide a top-tier Risk Management and Issue Management solution, thereby revolutionizing the Risk Management function across multiple Business Units.
  • Facilitated the implementation of solutions for Risk Management, Deficiency Management, and Action Plan Remediation to enhance organizational resilience.
  • Achieved rapid deployment of solutions and efficiently onboarded stakeholders to ensure a swift and seamless integration process.

Value Delivered

Unified platform to manage IT,ERM, ORM, VRM risk landscape for Retail industry.
Executive dashboards and reports for risk aware decision making.
Automation of Control Testing and Vendor Management program.
Centralised IT System integrated with SAP and Oracale.


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Author - Tanay Ghosal