EVOTIX Factsheet

EVOTIX Factsheets

Evotix Assure – Overview

Introduction to Assure - Empower your colleagues and realise a higher standard of workplace safety through intuitive and engaging solutions from EVOTIX. … Read More

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Audit Management

Implement efficient auditing processes - Do you have the right processes in place to check that you are doing the things that you set out...

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Contractor Management

Maintain high contractor safety standards - Effective working relationships with contractors are crucial for successful project management and operations. Since organisations have different approaches to...

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Environment Management

Support your ESG journey with centralised environmental reporting - Environmental reporting is most often driven by local, state and federal regulations. Yet more organisations are...

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Incident Management

Report incidents, gather insights, improve performance - One of the common challenges within health and safety is the underreporting of wanted and unwanted events across...

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