SAI360 GRC - Integrated Suite of Risk and Compliance Solutions

Whether you are looking to automate one particular process or want to bring your end-to-end program to the next level, our solutions and experts are here to help.


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SAI360 GRC - Integrated Suite of Risk & Compliance Solutions

Risks are pervasive throughout the organization, and they are managed from the business, functions, third parties and audits. To ensure compliance and proper risk management, companies need to review enterprise-wide business processes, assess current and potential risks, and design procedures or controls to mitigate those risks. 

An integrated GRC solution provides a user-friendly interface to efficiently and seamlessly store, mine, and extract risk data from various sources. Organisations can achieve significant benefits from having a holistic solution and approach to risk management. SAI360 provides the means to do so.


SAI360 GRC for Risk Management


Key Benefits Offered
  • Better Insights into Your Risk Profile: A 360° view in your risk management program with real-time drillable dashboards
  • Effectively Engage the First Line of Defense: Embed risk management into your organization through powerful workflows and intuitive user interface
  • Fact based Decision Making: Get risk management at the board’s table by providing strategic insights on risk to senior leadership

SAI360 GRC for Business Continuity Management


Key Benefits Offered
  • Establishing a clear view of risk by mapping processes to your risk and control framework throughout the business continuity process.
  • Prioritizing what’s most important through business impact assessment. Effectively monitor risk to prevent and detect crisis. Manage crisis events confidently and recover efficiently.
  • Driving business resilience. The software is intuitive and allows you to easily collect information from stakeholders with automated responses and processes to build organizational resilience.

SAI360 GRC for Compliance Management


Key Benefits Offered
  • Gain confidence in your coverage of ever-changing laws and regulations
  • Automate your regulatory compliance process and cut down duplication of effort 
  • Reduce the headache of regulatory exams and easily prove compliance
  • Increase transparency of compliance department’s work to support expenditure on resources

SAI360 GRC for SOX and Internal Control


Key Benefits Offered
  • Accelerate your compliance program: SaaS-based solution to get you up and running in a matter of days
  • Establish leadership and investor trust: Greater transparency and insights into your internal control program
  • Reduce SOX management costs: Create efficiencies through the automation of your SOX compliance

SAI360 GRC for Internal Audit

Key Benefits Offered
  • Secure access to all audit information anytime, anywhere; online and offline
  • Streamlined audit planning through full visibility into resources and skill availability
  • Strict audit trail of all relevant audit activities and evidencing of findings
  • Simplified time registration, skill alignment and reduced reporting efforts 
  • Reduced reporting efforts with real-time view on audit findings and recommendations

SAI360 GRC for Information Security Management

Key Benefits Offered
  • One holistic view: BWise is the umbrella solution that can connect all your point solutions to give you a holistic view on your information systems for consolidated reporting and ensures all alerts are visible in one system.
  • Realtime insights for better risk prevention: The automation of risk mitigation and robust workflow capabilities allows for reduced incident response time.
  • Streamlined compliance: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your compliance programs.

Source: SAI360